Elevate TripAdvisors brand on mobile specifically on Android and introduce a leg-by-leg experience. ​​​​​​​

TEAM - 6 
Director of Mobile
Project Manager
Product Designer - Llanos
iOS Developer (2)
Android Developer 

Comprehend the Situation: Partnered with Director & Project Manager to define:
What problem are we trying to solve?
Who is it for?
Why do we need to solve this problem?

Identify the Customer: Partnered with Director & Project Manager to:
List their behaviors, facts, needs & goals, while making assumptions and listing out key actions that users may want to utilize in our experience.

Product Design: Moderate user interviews, Multiple Prototypes and lead all design which ended in a shipped project called TripAdvisor Flights.

Design: Introduced a beautiful leg-by-leg experience. 
Blind Competitive Usability Test: Our product consistently ranked ahead
of kayak and was tied or beat Expedia in most areas.
Customer Usage: 15% to 60% - An increase of 300%.
Meta Conversions: Increased over 16%

Screens shown are nested within the main TripAdvisor Android Mobile App in Flights.

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