Catalyst  I  Visual Exploration
Date: 2016 - 2017
Capital One had taken a huge stance in changing banking for good and what that actually meant was, from an internal perspective, Capital One put design in the forefront by overhauling it's digital experience and from an outside perspective, Capital One introduced new ways to bank via 360 cafes.

In the spirit of this new movement within Capital One, it only made sense to reimagine Capital One's internal design site for 100+ designers to access on a daily basis. 

I wish this project had a deeper product design story but unfortunately, it does not. I was simply asked to redesign our internal design site free of constraints while breaking away from what typical banking design languages look like today. 

The final result shown here is essentially the re-skinning visual exploration of our internal design language site which I had a lot of fun designing.
That said, I'm very happy with the aesthetic feel and I hope you are too.
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